Puppy Preparation webinar

Everything you need to know before bringing your puppy home

Course Summary

 Learn how to prepare for your puppy's arrival and how to make it as easy and stress free  as possible.
Teeming with tips and advice to help you feel completely prepared for welcoming your new family member.  Everything from bringing them home, how to make sure everyone has a good first few nights sleep, how to keep them entertained and avoid excessive biting to how can you start socialising them plus more. 

Course Pricing

  • Pre School puppy webinar
  • £30

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Becky Milne

I've been helping dogs and their families live their best lives since 1999. I'm a firm believer that training your dog should be fun and enjoyable for both ends of the lead. Which is why I like to use positive rewards to ensure you have the dog of your dreams. 

My goal is to help you have a dog who you're proud to take wherever you go. 

Course Curriculum