Puppy Preparation Webinar

Get prepared for your new puppy's arrival with everything you need to sail through the early days.

What an exciting time!

You’ve got a new bundle of mischief on the way, and I bet you’re equal parts excited and nervous! With this comprehensive webinar, you’ll be fully prepared for the journey ahead and ready to sail through those first few weeks together.

In this deep dive into preparing for your puppy, we’ll cover 

  • puppy-proofing your home 
  • pup’s first journey home 
  • puppy’s first 48 hours with you 
  • crate training 
  • biting, nipping & stealing 
  • socialisation before jabs 
  • toilet training 
  • and much, much more!

With this webinar under your belt, you’ll be a puppy pro! You’ll walk away feeling confident that you’re clued up and ready to welcome in your puppy and get things right from the very start. Set your puppy up for success and get prepared before they arrive.

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  • Pre School puppy webinar
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Becky Milne

I've been helping dogs and their families live their best lives since 1999. I'm a firm believer that training your dog should be fun and enjoyable for both ends of the lead. Which is why I like to use positive rewards to ensure you have the dog of your dreams. 

My goal is to help you have a dog who you're proud to take wherever you go.